Model Number Description
ACM1 CableMate Stereo RCA to 2 XLR Match
ACT1 Cable Tester
ACT2 Deluxe Cable Tester
ACT3 Cable Tester
ADA1 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box
ADP1 Passive Direct Box
ADP2 Passive Direct Box
ADP21 Dual Passive Direct Box
AFP1 Unlatched Sustain Pedal
AFP2 Latched Sustain Pedal
AHK1 Hum Killer
AIB1 Dual Isolation Box
AMS1 XLR Mic Splitter
Apex-DP1 Drum Pack
Apex-DP2 Drum Pack
Apex-DP3 Drum Pack
Apex-SP1 Studio Pack
APP21 12V or 48V Phantom Power Supply
ASB1 A/B/Y Switch Box
AT7 Deluxe Clip-On Chromatic Tuner
ATP1 Turntable Pre-amp with RIAA EQ
IMC-14 Universal Multi-Fit Configurable Shockmount
IMC-200 Deluxe Microphone Clip
IMC-9S Small Barrel Cradle Mount
Mega1 Megaphone
Mega2 Apex Megaphone