Apex160  Sub-Miniature Condenser Lavaliere

The Apex160 lavalier is a phantom powered sub-miniature microphone that delivers unbelievably crisp, clear and accurate sound reproduction. Ideal for broadcast and mobile recording applications, this omni-directional microphone is particularly suited for capturing the performer and surroundings for a natural blend of voice and ambience. Its low sensitivity helps minimize breath noise and popping during close-up situations. Though extremely small and lightweight - 0.2" (5mm) in diameter, 0.55" (14mm) in length and under 0.1-oz (2g) in weight, the Apex160 is very rugged.

It consists of a high quality back electret, condenser element housed in a matte black metal case and a 5 foot (1.5m) cable terminated with a mini XLR male jack. The wide range condenser element features a low mass diaphragm which helps to eliminate peaks and reduces handling noise by preventing audio band resonance.

The Apex160 comes supplied with a mini-to-regular XLR adapter, custom-designed tie clip and a padded carrying case. The phantom power module can be powered by either a standard 1.5 V AA battery (for ~ 1000 hours of intermittent usage) or by any standard 9V to 52V external phantom power source.

The power module is compact, lightweight and can be pocketed or clipped to a belt with its removable screw-type belt clip. The unit features a 3-position switch to allow selection of power off, power on with flat response or power on with frequency roll-off. In phantom power mode the internal battery is by-passed (and need not be present) while the selection of "flat" and "roll-off" modes remains functional. Durability and long life is assured by the module's rugged internal design as well as by its heavy duty, matte black, die-cast metal housing.