Apex471  Pencil Tube Condenser

Improved quality in ever more affordable recording equipment has brought serious power to the home studio enthusiast or small project studio. The microphone is the first and often most important link in the signal chain.

The Apex471 tube condenser microphone is perfect for recording both critical vocals and solo instruments. Its integrated vacuum tube preamp circuit delivers warmth and clarity with an incredible amount of gain not available in a solid-state microphone design, making the it an ideal solution for digital audio workstations or any direct to drive recording system.

The Apex471 comes standard with a cardioid condenser microphone capsule. The cardioid polar pattern is ideal for single instrument or solo vocal use and will yield the best results in most applications. It offers full frequency response on the front of the microphone and the advantage of proximity effect (increased low frequency response when microphone is placed close to sound source) and excellent noise rejection from the sides and back, or 180-degree position of the microphone.

Optional user changeable omnidirectional and hypercardioid capsules are available.

In all recording applications, it is advised to always use a windsock over the microphone or use a pop filter like the Apex MWS-56dlx when recording vocals for best results. A high quality pop filter will improve the overall performance of the microphone without a negative impact on the overall frequency response and tone of the microphone.

You may find better results if you don't sing directly into the microphone, but change your 'angle of incidence' so you are singing slightly off axis or over the top of the capsule. This will lessen the excessive breath noise and sibilance in some cases, and give you a more balanced and natural recorded sound.

Always use the supplied shock mount with the Apex471 for best results. Although the microphone is not exceptionally fragile, it is very sensitive and can pick up even minute vibrations through the microphone stand and floor.

All condenser microphones are somewhat fragile. They do not like to be exposed to any sharp impact that may stretch or knock the element out of alignment including being dropped, tapped, or being blown into. This is especially true of any tube condenser microphone, including the Apex471.

Type: Low-Noise Class-A Tube Design
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: 20mv/Pa = -37 dB (0 dB = 1v/Pa) -10dB
Impedance: <200 Ω
Equivalent Noise Level: (IEC 268 - 4 - A weighted) 20dB
S/N: 18dB SPL A-weighted
Max SPL: (1% THD @ 10000Hz) 134dB (145dB w/pad)
Power Requirement: Dedicated Power Supply (Included)
Controls: -15dB pad & low frequency roll-off switches
Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.1 in / 190 x 28 mm
Weight: 9.7 oz / 280 g

  • Constant voltage power supply module - Ensures quiet operation while delivering current to the integrated tube pre-amplifier and condenser microphone capsules without requiring phantom power from mixer or recording device.
  • Shockmount Adaptor - Stops noise from transferring through the floor and mic stand to the sensitive microphone capsule.
  • 7-pin XLR shielded microphone cable - Provides clean signal from microphone while transferring power to drive capsule and preamp from power supply.

  • Apex MWS-56DLX 6-inch studio pop filter
  • Apex MS-657B Heavy-duty microphone stand
Cardioid    Omni-Directional    Hyper-Cardioid



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