ACM1  CableMate Stereo RCA to 2 XLR Match

To connect a stereo output from a CD player (tape deck, VCR, computer sound card or other consumer electronics gear) to the balanced line inputs of your mixer (EQ or other piece of professional audio equipment), there are typically three problems:

  1. Your source has RCA connectors and you need to connect to an XLR input.
  2. Your source signal is unbalanced, but you require a balanced signal where you're plugging into.
  3. The signal levels have to be matched properly.

The Simple solution - Use an ACM1. Its RCA-to-XLR channel 1 takes RCA signal, matches the signal levels and then provides a balanced (XLR) output.

  • Balancing, unbalancing and gain adjustment all in one simple unit
  • Active electronics run on 12VDC (adaptor included)
  • Dual channels - RCA unbalanced-to-XLR balanced and XLR balanced to- RCA unbalanced
  • Dual female RCA inputs and outputs plus dual XLR female Ins & male Outs
  • Dual level controls, one for each channel



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