ACT2  Deluxe Cable Tester

The Apex ACT2 deluxe cable tester is the quickest and most effective way to test any of the cables used most commonly in recording studios or live PA rigs. The ACT2 will check continuity and phase of all standard audio cables including RCA, 1/4-inch TRS balanced, ¼" unbalanced, XLR male & female, MIDI / Sync, Speakon and Banana plug.

Active LEDs and a simple rotary control on the front panel of the ACT2 verify conductivity of each of the individual conductors in the cable, as well as verifying proper phase connection at the connector. The ACT2 also verifies all connectors and conductors are fully isolated from ground.

The all-metal chassis and rugged construction ensures the ACT2 is roadworthy enough for any touring professional's cable toolkit.

  • Tests all types of audio cables including XLR Male & Female, ¼" TRS balanced, ¼" unbalanced, RCA, Speakon, Banana plug and 5-pin MIDI / Sync cables
  • Easy to use 6-way rotary control
  • Individual LED's confirm continuity of each conductor as well as proper phase connection and proper isolation from ground
  • Rugged and compact all metal chassis construction ensures reliability
  • Full One Year limited warranty