Apex-DP2  Drum Pack

The best way to mic a drum kit is with a combination of specialized dynamic and condenser microphones. The six microphones in the Apex-DP2 Drum Pack have been specifically selected to provide the most complete and comprehensive miking system for a standard 5-piece drum set. The Apex-DP2 is also the ideal starting point for building a microphone package for an extended drum kit.

The six individual microphones in the Apex-DP2 are shipped in a molded carrying case with the specialized clips for use on and around the drum set.

  • One Apex125 large diaphragm dynamic microphone
  • One Apex126 dynamic microphone
  • One Apex-DC drum rim clips for mounting Apex126
  • Three Apex165 miniature gooseneck microphones
  • Three windsocks for Apex165
  • One Apex190 stubby pencil condenser microphone
  • Molded carrying case

  • Mic Clips x 2 (Apex190)
  • Apex-DC drum clips x 1 (Apex126)
  • Carrying case