Apex-DP3  Drum Pack

The Apex-DP3 drum pack contains all of the microphones necessary for miking the drum kit in most live of studio applications. Specialized dynamic mics for the snare & toms as well as a large diaphragm dynamic mic for the kick drum cover the basic kit. Two highly effective pencil condenser microphones are included for use on hi-hats, accessory percussion or for use as overheads.

  • 1x Apex125 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Bass Drum Microphone
  • 3x Apex126 Dynamic Snare / Tom Microphones
  • 2x Apex190 Pencil Condenser Microphones

  • Mic Clips x 2 (Apex190)
  • Apex-DC drum clips x 3 (Apex126)
  • Carrying case