Mega1  Megaphone

This durable and easy-to-use handheld megaphone is perfect for all those times when portable public address capability is needed: crowd control, sporting events, outdoor events, etc. The Mega1 is powered by eight C-size batteries with a battery life of approximately six hours of continuous use (which translates to a lot more in real-life, intermittent useage). The 1.5kg (without batteries) unit puts out a maximum of about 20 watts and has an effective useable distance of about 400 metres or 1300 feet. Constructed of lightweight and robust polymers, the Mega1 includes an "anti-howling" dynamic microphone, comfortable pistol grip, trigger activation and a security strap.

  • Maximum 20-Watt Output
  • Effective Useable Distance of about 400 Metres (1300 Feet)
  • Lightweight Robust Polymer Construction
  • Powered By Eight C-Size Batteries (Approximately Six Hours Continuous Usage)
  • Weighs Approximately 1.5kg (Without Batteries)
  • 'Anti-Howling' Dynamic Microphone
  • Comfortable Pistol Grip
  • Trigger Activation
  • Security Strap