Apex385  Neodymium Dynamic Hyper-Cardioid

The Apex385 is a low impedance, dynamic microphone with exceptionally high sensitivity and linear response. It features a high energy, rare-earth neodymium magnet, double dome-diaphragm and an aluminum alloy voice coil designed to provide incredibly high output. Its tight cardioid pattern maximizes gain before feedback for outstanding live performance.

An internal double shockmount system significantly reduces handling & extraneous noise while a unique filter minimizes breath noise and popping caused by some consonants. The extremely rugged, heat-treated metal grille is highly shock resistant for better element protection and performance and comes with XLR to XLR mic cable and mic stand clip. New "leather-feel" finish makes for more positive grip during enthusiastic live performances.

  • Neodymium Magnet Dynamic Cartridge
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • 'Leather-feel' Non-Slip Finish
  • Internal Double Shockmount
  • High Output with Low Handling Noise

  • XLR-XLR Cable
  • Mic Clip