Apex575C  Low-Profile Headset Condenser

The Apex575C is a lightweight Low-Profile Head-Worn or Neck-worn microphone designed specifically for theatrical or presentation applications.

The Apex575C converts quickly and easily from a single ear 'neck-worn' microphone to a secure wrap-around head-worn microphone with the Apex EA01 headset adaptor, included in the Apex575C package.

Four detachable 1.5m (5ft) cable assemblies also included with the Apex575C outfit offer direct connectivity to the most popular wireless transmitters available today. The included TA3F, TA4F, Locking Four-pin and locking 1/8th-inch TRS Jacks ensure the Apex575 is compatible with wireless units from Shure, Line 6, AKG, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica right out of the box. Additional optional cables are available for Line 6 V30/35 systems (TRS 1/4-inch) and Beyerdynamic wireless transmitters.

  • Ultra Lightweight 'Invisible' Low-Profile Neck-Worn Microphone
  • Compatible with Virtually All Wireless Beltpack Transmitters
  • Converts to Secure Head-Worn Microphone with Apex EA01 Headset Adaptor (Included)
  • Detachable 1.5m (5ft) Cable Assemblies with Interchangeable Connectors ( TA3F, TA4F, Locking Four-pin and locking 1/8th-inch TRS Jacks Included)
  • Easily Form Fitted for Maximum Comfort
  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Includes Vinyl Carrying Case
Element: Back Electret Condenser
Frequency Response: 50Hz - 18kHz
Sensitivity: -60dB ± 3dB (0dB = 1v/[email protected])
Impedance: 15000 Ω
Weight: 0.28 oz / 8 g

  • Apex575-SHURE - Apex575 beige cable w/ Shure TA4F connector 13.00 (AY)
  • Apex575-AT - Apex575 beige cable with AT 8521 connector
  • APEX575-AKG - Apex575 beige cable w/ AKG TA3F connector
  • APEX575-SENN - Apex575 beige cable w/ Sennheiser 8523 connector

  • APEX575-BEYER - Apex575 beige cable configured with TA4F for Beyer Wireless systems (MiPro, Telex)
  • APEX575-L6V30 - Apex575 beige cable configured with ¼" TRS jack for Line6 XD-V30 Wireless Systems