FOH Engineer Brenndan McGuire Employs Apex Mics on Tour with Feist and Peaches

Toronto, Ontario, January 2007 -

Seasoned Front-of-House Engineer Brenndan McGuire used Apex Microphones to capture the stage sound of indie artist Feist during her wildly successful Reminder Tour. Currently on tour with Peaches, Apex microphones remain a essential part of the engineer's toolkit.

"I first started using the Apex 210 ribbon microphone when it was introduced," says Brenndan. "I was impressed at how closely it resembled microphones that I had paid ten times more for. Recently I started employing the Apex210 and Apex205 ribbon microphones mixing the Feist live set and recording each show for an upcoming live record."

The endless touring in support of Feist's award winning Reminder release saw the band playing over 250 shows across North America, Europe, the UK and Australia while playing venues as diverse as London's Royal Albert Hall, LA's Hollywood Bowl and making appearances on NBC's Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno.

"On guitar amplifiers I had been using Shure SM57's and Sennheiser 609's. When I first placed the Apex210's in front of the Vox AC15 the sound that I heard was so true to the source that my first instinct was to quickly mute the channel to see whether I was hearing the amp from off the deck."

Apex microphones were used on critical instruments throughout the tour including guitar amps, saxes and flute.

"When I switched from a Beyer M-88 to an Apex205 ribbon for use on the alto saxophone I was relieved of over EQ'ing the channel strip to achieve a silky, breathy, Stan Getz-style sax sound. I achieved similar results when I used a 205 on flute, Jobim eat your heart out!"

"Overall, I have been incredibly satisfied with Apex ribbon microphones in the context of studio recording and live concert sound reinforcement. They sound great and travel well."

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