Compact Test Tone Oscillator


The AAO1 is an extremely handy test tone audio oscillator, and a must for everyone’s audio toolkit. A sweepable -10dB Pad, separate square wave and sine wave outputs with level controls make it easy to create a signal to test the input of any audio device. – 12V AC adaptor Included.


  • Effective for testing audio circuits and speaker systems
  • Provides a steady-state sine wave and/or square wave at the frequency of your choice
  • Suitable for testing and measuring all types of audio circuits or checking the calibration of crossovers
  • Tunable from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and variable in gain over a wide range thanks to independent sine and square wave level controls
  • Overall -10dB output pad
  • Allows connection of an external source of DC control voltage (computer or keyboard instrument) to vary the AA01’s oscillator frequency
  • All Metal Case