Deluxe Cable Tester with Lead Probes


A must for every soundman, technician and studio engineer. The rugged all-metal Apex ACT4 cable tester will test continuity and phase relation for virtually any standard audio cable including multi-pin Speakon, XLR, RCA, TRS, DIN, MIDI and Sync.

the ACT4 lets you test a wider assortment of cables for continuity and phase while lead probes also permit testing circuits, eg. passive crossovers.

*Note About Battery Installation
When the battery is installed the door should be pushed in slightly and a downward pressure exerted until you hear a click. It is at that point that the battery carriage is locked into place, and it can’t be knocked out until the carriage is lifted up.


  • Easy to use 8-way rotary control
  • Individual LED’s confirm continuity of each conductor as well as proper phase connection
  • Rugged and compact all metal chassis
  • Continuity check lead probes included
  • Requires 9v battery (included)
  • Tests All Types of Audio Cables Including:
    XLR (3-pin & 5-pin) Male & Female
    1/4-inch TRS Balanced & 1/4-inch TRS Unbalanced
    1/8th-inch TRS
    Speakon2, 4 & 8 Conductor
    Banana Plug
    3,5,7 & 8 -Pin MIDI / DIN / Sync Cables
  • All Metal Case