Apex Electronics Unleashes their Apex500 Series Premium Condenser Microphone Line

Toronto, Ontario, June 2011 -

Apex electronics introduces the all new Apex500 Series of premium high-performance condenser microphone line, designed to redefine the performance standard for cost effective studio and special application mics. Leading the pack are the Apex540 and Apex550 high performance side address studio condensers. Proprietary Apex gold sputtered capsules, custom designed acoustically transparent windscreens, solid Zinc bodies, and innovative heavy duty cradle mounts make the Apex540 and Apex550 unmatched in their class.

Specialty Microphones like the highly versatile Apex575 low-profile headset microphone deliver innovative features like detachable interchangeable cable connectors that allow the mic to direct connect to virtually any wireless transmitter pack, including Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser AKG and Line6. Detachable headband allows the Apex575 to be used as a neck-worn mic for theatrical or public speaking applications, or as a secure headset for more active live performances.

Other microphones in the Apex500 Series include the popular Apex515 hand held vocal condenser with its interchangeable capsules providing multiple polar patterns tailoring the mic to suit specific applications or vocalists. The series also boasts multi-pattern side address studio mics like the Apex520, the ultra high performance Apex530, and new additions to the line like the battery powered medium diaphragm cardioid condenser Apex591, designed for instrument sources live or in the studio.

Developed in North America, the Apex500 Series condenser microphones deliver unprecedented performance and innovation at a price point previously unheard of for microphones of this quality.

Apex515 Premium Multi-Pattern Hand Held Condenser Microphone
MSRP US - $129.00USD / MSRP Canada - $169.00CDN

Apex520 Premium Multi-Pattern Studio Condenser Microphone
MSRP US - $229.00USD / MSRP Canada - $269.00CDN

Apex530 Premium Cardioid Side Address Studio Condenser Microphone
MSRP US - $159.00USD / MSRP Canada - $199.00CDN

Apex540 Premium Cardioid FET Condenser Microphone
MSRP US - $249.00USD / MSRP Canada - $329.00CDN

Apex550 Premium Low Profile Cardioid FET Condenser Microphone
MSRP US - $239.00USD / MSRP Canada - $279.00CDN

Apex570 Premium Headset Microphone for Wireless Systems or Cabled Operation
MSRP US - $169.00USD / MSRP Canada - $119.00CDN

Apex575 Premium Head-worn / Neck Worn Low-Profile Condenser Microphone for Wireless Systems
MSRP US - $129.00USD / MSRP Canada - $169.00CDN

Apex591 Premium Medium Diaphragm Batter / Phantom Powered Condenser Microphone
MSRP US - $169.00USD / MSRP Canada - $199.00CDN

Apex565 Premium Clip-On Instrument Condenser Microphone for Drums, Brass & Woodwind Instruments
MSRP US - $99.00USD / MSRP Canada - $129.00CDN

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