Apex Electronics Delivers Two Radical New Additions to their Microphone Catalog

Niagara Falls, New York, December 11, 2015 - Apex747

Apex Electronics has delivered the best of all worlds with two new vintage looking yet thoroughly modern high performance microphones to their catalog.

The Apex747 large diaphragm side address dynamic microphone and the high performance Apex787 active ribbon microphone are the first mics in the Apex line to debut an all new, classic vintage appearance - a look unlike anything else in the popular brand's lineup to date.

The Apex747 is a side address large diaphragm dynamic supercardioid microphone that delivers exceptional tone in a visually stunning vintage styled package. The black over black chrome all metal chassis, vintage yoke design and antique windscreen make the Apex747 the ideal microphone for artists needing to make a visual as well as sonic impact from the stage.

The Apex787 is the first active ribbon mic in the Apex catalog. Following in the footsteps of the popular, industry leading Apex210 Classic Ribbon microphone, a staple in the Apex line for over a decade, the Apex787 delivers the incredible tone associated with a ribbon mic, with the advantages of added impedance stability and improved sensitivity. Unlike classic ribbon designs where the response characteristics can radically vary from one preamp or mixer input to another, the Apex787 is extremely consistent, and delivers output rivalling any traditional condenser microphone.

Both Apex747 and Apex787 will ship in first quarter of 2016, and will come with integrated yoke style stand mounts, and include custom aluminum carry cases.

  • Apex747 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone - MSRP $209.00 US
  • Apex787 Vintage Style Active Ribbon Microphone - MSRP $299.00 US

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